Nick Knutov

IT professional with 10+ years of experience in SRE, DevOps, webdev, shared hosting and containerization.

linux(deb/rpm), LXD, OpenVZ, Docker, Podman, Ansible, git, svn, perl, bash, awk, jq, python, Dancer, Mojolicious, html, css, Hugo, MySQL, Percona, ClickHouse, Sphinx, Manticore Search, Vector, ClickHouse, monit, Nginx Amplify, nginx, Apache, Caddy, 0w, ab, wrk, rsnapshot, borgbackup, Kopia, ZFS, ext4, Powerdns, aptly, postfix, dovecot, Rspamd, OpenDKIM, etc...

Can design and develop large and small projects

Good understanding of business priorities

Open to work and relocation

telegram: @knutov